Friday, March 4, 2016

Alien Boogie Stuff ... Somerfaan aka At Nel

The Somerfaan Master Chef recipe for a Kazinsky 2022:
1) Braai a choppie,

2) Drink lots of red wine,
3) Party until 2pm
4) Mix a Kraftwerk loop, 

5) Record a hungover, operatic Arno Carstens
6) Add a dash of Frank Opperman,

... and voila! You get one of the most exciting new song releases of the year.

"It jams all over the show," says At Nel aka Somerfaan about his latest album launched at Hell's Kitchen in Melville. Psychedelic, hip-hop, electronica, experimental, kraut rock stuff, even a little opera... a unique listening journey on Alien Boogie Stuff. We chat to At Nel about his collaborations,  listen to a few new creations and hear his commitment to create a better world. You just gotto love this guy! 

At Nel's passion for his music is contagious. We play Kazinsky 2022, Polisiehelikopter, Caveman shows wife and Happy Dancing Zombie (gonna be a huge hit) in his interview on the iStart2 Show. Listen to the podcast to hear more:

Thought of the Day:

Album Review: 
Somerfaan - Alien Boogie Stuff

It's 2016, you can go anywhere, you can do anything. Somerfaan's genre free album could be the soundtrack! 

Latin beats, Dubstep, William Boroughs cut ups, Tom Waits in a krautrock tumble dryer, 90's Rave, Hip Hop Opera and a treasure trove of other hybrid genre inventions play out with equal measures of humour and heart on At Nel's latest album 'Alien Boogie Stuff'. 

It's as if Madlib's Quasimoto grew up white and Afrikaans, spend time in the frayed edges of Jozi's unsettled Bez Valley playing in an Industrial band, only to later discover beats come in all flavours... even 'happy gas'. The album's closing track 'Happy Dancing Zombie' is brilliant Pop electronica, it tells of a time when the Faan was younger, when dancing made him feel free... it's cheesy, it's happy, it's cool.
- Chris Keys


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