Friday, March 11, 2016

Ingrid Jonker Tribute Album ... Paul Blom

The fusion of a legendary gifted poet's words and a host of exciting musicians resulted in  this amazing, artistic audio explosion: "The Child Is Still Younger" / "Die Kind Is Nog Jonger". Ingrid Jonker's daughter Simone (and her husband Ernesto) has endeavoured to compile an historic album of 36 artists inspired by her mother's timeless words. The Album features a wide and exciting range of musicians, bands and performers adapting her words into new musical creations. 

CD cover design: The child is still younger (Vernon Swart) 
Painting of Ingrid Jonker: Jonel Scholtz

The passionate, highly acclaimed and award-winning Ingrid Jonker tragically committed suicide fifty years ago by walking into the ocean, leaving behind a mystique and timeless, ever-relevant words. One of her most popular poems "The Child" / "Die Kind" was chosen by Nelson Mandela to read at his first ever state of the nation address in parliament as President of South Africa in 1994.

With all the songs recorded, mastered and ready to go, we're calling on you to join in with this campaign to enable the next step in getting this independent, historic release out into the world, breathing new life into Jonker's poetry, bringing it to those unfamiliar with her work, and reintroducing it to those who know it well.

We chatted to Paul Blom from Flamedrop Productions about the release, the crowdfunding campaign, his views on sustainability and listened to four songs from the Album.

Thought of the Day

We can't wait to get the album "The Child Is Still Younger" / "Die Kind Is Nog Jonger" out to the universe, into your CD-player, mp3-device or turntable.
Please support this Ingrid Jonker crowdfunding campaign and get more details here or join the group page for regular updates here

Have a wonderful week!