Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nxae (Sorry) ... Luanga Choba

The reasons why Luanga Choba rates right up there on my list of South African artists is glaringly obvious. Luanga (a medical doctor by profession) is passionate about sustainability, the environment, supports entrepreneurs in waste management, authentic in her music and daring in originality. She is a pure gem! 

Her song "NXAE" (Setswana for "SORRY") is about how we need to say sorry for what we have done to the earth and to it's people. It is a song about forgiveness and the healing that needs to happen not only in South Africa, but also in the rest of the world. "Nxae" forms part of the iStart2 Compilation Album that will be released later this year.

While deeply connected to her roots as an African woman, Luanga’s music also reflects elements of earthy international artists like Tracy Chapman. With her distinctive sound and songs reflective of her free spirit, energy and eclectic musical sensibility, Luanga Choba has proven that she is one of the freshest acts to hit the South African entertainment landscape.  Her advice to artists entering the iStart2 Challenge is simple: “Be authentically YOU - that is your brand," says Luanga.

Luanga, Samkelo & the Umoja Dancers 
at the Istart2 Challenge Launch @ Soweto Festival

To listen to a podcast of our interview with Luanga just click 'play'

Thought for the day:

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

iStart2 Challenge Launch at the Soweto Festival

iStart2 is an initiative that strives to provide a platform where people can take hands across boundaries and connect to create practical solutions for a sustainable future.

It's about getting involved, creating awareness and inspiring people to change their perceptions about the way we live. Wouldn't it be great to be given the opportunity to paint a new picture of what the world we live in can look like?


With this in mind iStart2 is launching an exciting national art competition open to all South Africans aged 16 – 35. The competition will accept entries in seven categories of art including music, creative writing, dance, fine arts, applied arts and design, acting and multi media.


Artists are invited to express their ideas of how we can bring across the message of sustainability. The key sustainability concepts that artists are encouraged to highlight are:

• Water

• Waste

• Energy

• Health & safety

• People with Disabilities

• The Elderly

• Indigenous peoples

Finals in the competition will be held in 27 cities/towns throughout South Africa in 2014 with an event showcasing the winners.


But that’s just the beginning – there’s more excitement in store! The winning entrants are headed for even greater things. A 26-episode television series is planned to showcase our young artists, enabling the public to share in every moment of their inspiring journey.

iStart2 Challenge launch at the Soweto Festival

iStart2 is partnering the organisers of the Zindala Zombili African Music and Dance Festival. The major launch of the iStart2 Challenge takes place on 21 & 22 September at the Soweto Festival in Nasrec at 13h30, Johannesburg.

Join us for a day of Dance, Music and Song. Meet our inspiring Ambassador,  Samkelo Radebe (Gold Medalist Paralympic Games, Sports Personality of 2013) .

 " I don't want to sit back and watch other people change the world for me. If I can be a part of it to make a change, I want to be a part of it" - Samkelo Radebe


Performing a few of her songs on Saturday 21 September at the Zindala Zombili African Music and Dance Festival, will be fresh and sensational new artist Luanga Choba. She will also perform more songs from her album 'Luanga who?" at the iStart2 launch on Sunday 22 September at 13:30. She will be joined on stage by the popular Umoja Dancers. A South African celebration!

Luanga's hit song 'Nxae' together with songs by other great artisits such as Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Pops Mohamed, Ntsiki Mazwai and Bianca Le Grange will form part of the iStart2 compilation CD that will be available from end October.

FOR MORE INFO VISIT www.istart2.com - new website up soon

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Amazing (wo)man ... Yvonne Chaka Chaka

Last night we chatted to one of my most favourite people on the planet. We celebrated with "Umqombothi":  the life and legacy of our leader Nelson Mandela, the great continent of Africa and toasted a sustainable future for all the people around the World.

For many years the Princess of Africa has used her voice to draw attention to causes that will change the lives of millions, from ending apartheid to improving maternal and child health. Yvonne talked about her new Album "Amazing Man", The WEF Crystal Award and her involvement with iStart2's forthcoming compilation CD. She encourages young artists out there to sing new songs, to write new poems or lyrics, to paint new paintings about how we see a sustainable world and offers advice for young aspiring artists who also dream of walking in her footsteps. She believes iStart2 will be an experience people will never forget.

A woman of many facets, a woman inspired to rise above the many sustainability challenges facing the Music Industry. Yvonne epitomizes the difference between GOOD and GREAT. What an honour to have this incredible woman join hands with us on the iStart2 Journey.

Listen to the show, just click play:

Listen to the iStart2 Show on Radio Today 1485 AM in Jozi, dstv Audio Channel 869 or worldwide on www.1485.org.za. The show is on every Monday at 18h30 and repeated on Thursdays at 19h00 (SA Time)

Join us for the Launch of the iStart2 Challenge at the Soweto Festival on 
22 September @ 13h15.

Meet our Ambassador, Samkelo Radebe, enjoy the music of singing sensation Luanga Choba and  dancing by the Umoja and Zindala Zombili Dance groups. Be there! A day of song and dance!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Umoja - Spirit of Togetherness ... Todd Twala

UMOJA is a collection and celebration of all the music and dance of South Africa over the years.  " They dance like demons and sing like angels". We chatted to the show’s creator Todd Twala about the production, her early experiences that led to its birth, their recent visit to the White house (see pic below) and New Orleans where she received the Key of the City. The magic of Umoja...

The show is authentic and based on own experiences ... done by South Africans rejoicing the rich heritage of our country.... a glorious celebration of South African culture and the wonderful people who make it.

Todd Twala starts 2

Todd will be working in collaboration with iStart2 in our quest to search for music and dance talent across the nation. We are looking for ordinary young people with raw talent who can be trained by experts in the industry. Be one of the seven ... log on to our new website at the end of September and join our journey.

I left the studio with a feeling of tremendous joy and happiness ... iStart2 has connected to a woman with an enormous heart and incredible warmth .... a woman who lives the Soul of South Africa and the Spirit of Togetherness. To listen to some music from the show and the interview with Todd, just click "play"

Listen to the iStart2 Show on Radio Today 1485 AM in Jozi, dstv Audio Channel 869 or worldwide on www.1485.org.za. The show is on every Monday at 18h30 and repeated on Thursdays at 19h00 (SA Time)

Join us for the Launch of the iStart2 Challenge at the Soweto Festival on 
22 September @ 13h15.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tightrope ... Cindy Alter

A story of highs and lows, survival, hope and triumph! Cindy Alter catapulted into the world of pop-stardom in the seventies, constant touring and recording, playing huge arena 's and concert halls in Europe and Africa, as she spearheaded the band "Clout", selling over ten million albums worldwide. 

We chatted to Cindy Alter about her childhood dreams and her years with Clout and Zia. After leaving South Africa in the early nineties she found peace and fulfillment  in  Los Angeles. Life decided to throw her another curveball - she was diagnosed with Acute Mylogenous Leukemia.  This was just the beginning of the long road back to health after undergoing a Stem-Cell Bone Marrow Transplant. She survived and i
n 2005 “Clout” recorded a new CD, and toured South Africa. 

Today, Cindy is healthy and happy, joined forces with Stewart Irving forming Alter-Irving and is telling the stories about her life’s journey through her music and writing her biography, aptly titled, “No Substitute”!  As she says, “It’s been a wild ride, but it’s far from over”

On the show we played some of the Clout oldies and her song, Tightrope. This song forms part of the iStart2 Compilation CD to be released later this year.  To listen to the amazing life journey of an incredible icon of South African music just click play: 

Interested to play your part?

iStart2 events will take place from Sept - Nov in 2014 in the following cities:

Johannesburg, Soweto, Boksburg, Tshwane, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, Stellenbosch, PMB, Port Elizabeth, Van der Bijl Park, Roodepoort, Rustenburg, Tlokwe, Nelspruit, Kimberley, Witbank, Polokwane, Kroonstad, George/Oudtshoorn, Richardsbay, East London, Kuruman, Upington, Mafikeng, Worcester and Bethlehem.

Teams will be formed in each city to assist with marketing and fundraising with BAGS OF HOPE, EVENTS ORGANISING and other activities. We are looking for :
- School representatives / Mothers Committees
- Elderly people
- Training Providers
- Religious Institutions
- Events & Festival Organisers 
- Artists 
- Media representatives from newspapers and community radio stations
- Disability institutions 
to assist in the roll-out of the iStart2 initiative.

Interested? Please email your particulars to spjdutoit@gmail.com
Don't forget to Like our facebook page and follow the unfolding of the iStart2 journey  :-)