Monday, February 29, 2016

Happiness is a four-letter word ... Busisiwe Ntintili

"A change is gonna come," says Busisiwe Ntintili, screenwriter of the movie, Happiness is a four-letter word, on the iStart2 Show this week. "As a country we must really begin to face our past. Start talking... it is a good thing to do. Put your mouth where your heart is."

"iStart2 build my own vegetable patch in my garden" - Busisiwe Ntintili

Busisiwe Ntintili is an experienced writer, director, producer, web & graphic designer, copywriter, editor and trainer in the creative arts, film, television and media industries. She holds a Bachelors of Arts (Honours) Degree in English Literature and French from Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA. 

In her final year of university, Busisiwe wrote her honour thesis paper on the work of South African legend Andre Brink and received High Honours for her seniour thesis.

Since her return from the USA in 1999, Busisiwe has been consistently working as a multi-media writer and creative producer in South Africa, first in advertising, then radio and internet, and now corporate, documentary, film, television and video, and is today one of South Africa’s most respected media practitioners.

Busisiwe’s longterm goal is to develop the South African media and creative industries to become a global leader, to export media and creative products globally, and to contribute to the media and creative industries becoming a major player in the South African economy. "I believe in the future of Africa and the excellence of African people."

To listen to the show, just click play:

Thought of the Day:

 We had such fun at the iStart2 Hub over the weekend. Thank you to Pops Mohamed, Herringbone and Dr Dick's Blues Journey for sharing their magic. Some pictures of the show at the iStart2 Hub below.


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