Saturday, March 19, 2016

Letter from Amsterdam ... Bart Luirink

"Dat kan niet!" is the message from former members of the Anti Apartheid Movement Netherlands (AABN). Their conviction prompted them to speak out in support of many South Africans who raise their voices against state capture and the defilement of shared ideals. "It is time that we remember the ideals we were driven by in those days", says Bart Luirink.

In an Open Letter to the ANC, published on Monday 7 March 2016, they spoke out in solidarity with long time South African friends who are the subject of police and other investigations. Read the letter here

We chatted to Bart Luirink, Dutch Anti-Apartheid Activist and Editor of ZAM MAGAZINE about his role in the Anti-Apartheid Movement, their open letter to the ANC and cultural exchange between South Africa and the Netherlands.

Conny Braam - Former Leader of AABN

Listen to the interview here:

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