Saturday, January 16, 2016

Skielik is jy vry ... Attie van Nel

"I am Afrikaans. It is my mother tongue. The first words that was prayed when I was born was in Afrikaans. It is my language. I speak it. I live it. I pray to my God in Afrikaans. I think about my future in Afrikaans. I am as Afrikaans as they come. What I am not proud about is the very strong position that it has," says Attie van Nel on the iStart2 Show. 

 "Verwoerd's greatest legacy is the Sunday morning sermon" 
- Attie van Nel

Attie feels strongly that Afrikaans is not under threat: "I don't buy this campaign to try to paint Afrikaans as a patient in ICU. It is spitting in the face of reconciliation and nation building. There is really no humility."

A man who has the ability to connect all the important issues - raising children, sport, church and others - and how it filters into racism and White privilege. We chat about how it affects the sustainability of our country.

To listen to the podcast of this energetic pastor, entrepreneur and activist, just click play:

Thought of the Day: #RacismMustFall #Afrikaans

Upcoming show:
Arriving in South Africa just after Mandela's release, French Canadian foreign correspondent Lucie Pagé fell in love with the politician Jay Naidoo. On Thursday we chat to Lucie Pagé about her book Conflict of the Heart,  the years that followed and her views on the issues facing South Africans today.

Pierre du Toit and Keitu Gwangwa host the iStart2 Show on Thursdays at 17h30. Radio Today broadcasts on 1485 MW (AM) in greater Johannesburg and countrywide on #DStv audio channel 869. Radio Today also streams globally on and 1485.mobiA different version of Skielik is jy vry by a Frenchman, Philippe Elan.

Let's all do one thing this week to create a more sustainable South Africa. Amandla!

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