Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Sacred Khoisan Journey ... !Gubi Tietie and Pops Mohamed

The Khoi and San people, collectively known as the Khoisan were the original inhabitants of Southern Africa. Their music played a central role in their rituals and is known for its polyphonic chants. For the Khoisan, music is a way to transcend to a cosmological existence where engagement with the ancestors is the purpose. Mimicking the movements of animals (such as the antelope) is expressed through the "trance dance". 

Pops Mohamed, icon of South African Traditional Music, is on a continuous journey to explore the music of the Khoisan and to bring it to the world. 

"I love to protect and preserve the many cultures that we have in Southern Africa to remind people of who we are. The indigenous sounds was dying a slow death. I play these instruments to remind people that we won't forget our roots," says Pops Mohamed on the iStart2 Show this week. 

He shared his excitement about the new album he is producing with !Gubi Tietie from the Kalahari in Namibia: 'When I listened to the music of the San people it was the most beautiful thing I could ever think of. We are collaborating with 87 year old !Gubi Tietie on his solo album to record and preserve the Khoisan music culture. The songs are based on !Gubi's life and what he's been going through. Recently he lost his wife and he has been having dreams about her. These songs have been coming down as revelations". 

"My mense moet water kry/ My people must get water
- !Gubi Tietie on the iStart2 Show

To listen to the interview with Pops Mohamed and !Gubi Tietie and a song from the new album, featuring Dudu Majola, just click play:

Thought of the Day:

Upcoming Events:

A sacred journey in Rustlers Valley
2 - 3 April 2016

EarthRise Trust and the Naledi Village Committee are having a fundraising event for the building of a creche, a multipurpose centre, an art centre and a playground for the 150-person community, of which 50 are children. Together we are committed to creating a culture of learning and building a positive pathway of hope and opportunity for them.

The event features well renowned musicians and chef - see poster below:

If you are unable to attend the event but want to make a contribution, please donate to the following bank account:

FNB Account: 62460061618
Branch Code: 25860500
Reference: Naledi Village Project

Thank you for your support and hope to see you soon at EarthRise Mountain Lodge.

iStart2Sing Show in Centurion on 22 April 2016

Join Pops Mohamed with guest Artists Andries Roof Bezuidenhout, Coenie de Villiers, Dudu Majola and the African rhythms of Sankobo Afrique for a very special musical experience! More info to follow soon!

Listen to !Gubi and Dudu Majola

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