Friday, December 18, 2015

21 Years of COP-OUT? - Dr Nigel Crawhall

Dr Nigel Crawhall is our guest on the iStart2 Show this week. We chat about the Climate Change Agreement that was signed in Paris at COP21, his experiences during the negotiations and the implications for our country.

"Politicians must be held accountable, but we are the ones who will make the change. We all have to take ownership of the human family and do it out of love and what is good for the world," says Nigel.

Nigel Crawhall holds a PhD in Sociolinguistics and is currently the Director of Secretariat for the Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee (IPACC) based in Cape Town, South Africa. His life interest revolves around the relationship between people and our quality of life - internal, external and inter-dependent. His life work is expressed in terms of social justice, environmental sustainability, wildlife conservation and personal growth.

To listen to a podcast of the interview, click below:

Thought of the Day:

A last word from Al Gore:

"This universal and ambitious agreement sends a clear signal to governments, businesses, and investors everywhere: the transformation of our global economy from one fueled by dirty energy to one fueled by sustainable economic growth is now firmly and inevitably underway." - Al Gore

Read his full statement here

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Exclusive Interview with an Icon of the Nation ... Jonas Gwangwa

"Amandla is able to educate current and future generations of how history informs the present, and how dedications and aspirations of ordinary South Africans made such a big difference to their own lives and in the world and why they should take up the mantle," says Dr Jonas Gwangwa.

 "Music is Life" - Dr Jonas Gwangwa

Jonas Gwangwa is a very humble man. He cares deeply about his family, indigenous music,  our country and the future sustainability of musicians and artists. It is indeed a great privilege to honour one of the greatest sons of Africa as icon and patron on the iStart2 Show this week. 
We also chat to his son, Malose and daughter-in-law, Simanga Gwangwa about Amandla Cultural Ensemble that is on show at the State Theatre this week. "This is an identity piece," says Malose. " Our plan is to do a national tour in 2016."

Keitu Gwangwa, his daughter is also very excited: "I am so proud of this legacy. And I am excited about how it will inspire people going forward. Having seen where we come from as a country. Amandla is a reminder on how we got here as a people and a strong note to say...let us not drop the fist. Mobilise! lets fight on!"

Listen to an exclusive interview with Dr Jonas Gwangwa on the iStart2 Show

Thought of the Day:

4 - 5 December

State Theatre

Never before has a theatrical production applied such heartrending artistry in telling the truths of our history, whilst soliciting support the world over for our country`s freedom. An unprecedented historical and emotional experience awaits the South African people, for the first time on home soil: Amandla Cultural Ensemble: The Production.
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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The iStart2 Business and Partnership Opportunity - 2016

Sustainability isn’t just about depleting the water, waste and energy resources. It isn’t just about health and food security issues.

"What is crucial for creating a sustainable world is that we stand TOGETHER and create TOGETHER. It is now more than ever time to stretch out your hand and reach across those religious, political and cultural boundaries that separate us into disempowered silos of disparity".

Launched in November 2012, iStart2 is an initiative that aims to build and create a platform for people to join hands across boundaries; to connect, to create practical solutions for a more sustainable future and to creatively communicate the message of sustainability. 

iStart2 is a Sustainability-through-Arts global movement in which communities participate in re-imagining their future and implementing solutions towards leaving sustainable footprints for the world’s children.
The name “iStart2” means that I (the individual i), take responsibility for doing my part to co-create Sustainability through (St), Art (art), in order to (2) achieve outcomes……
v  iStart2 sing to communicate the message;
v  iStart2 live sustainably;
v  iStart2 advocate a better life for a green planet;
v  iStart2 create jobs to provide employment for others.
Is your training company or Events organisation interested in partnering with us? Give us a call today!!
Pierre Du Toit conceptualised the iStart2 idea in 2009 and is the CEO of iStart2 Global (Pty) Ltd, which houses the intellectual capital associated with iStart2. Other members of our core team include Pops Mohamed (Arts Director), Keitu Gwangwa (Creative Director) and Chris Keys (Marketing & Branding) and Seipati Masokoane (Networking & Funding)

Support from both communities and prominent individuals, artists and community leaders is growing by the day.
iStart2 Global strategic intent

To create a sustainable livelihood for

 marginalised persons in our society.

Whom do we SERVE?

Our focus area with regard to clients/ beneficiaries is manifold, we strive to on the one hand assist private sector entities to make a meaningful contribution in this sector, whether it be to provide them with investment opportunities or as partners with iStart2 to make a difference;

whereas on the other hand we work hand in hand with other entities, such as NGOs like the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in SA and many others to make a meaningful contribution to assist the most marginalised of the marginalised.

Ultimately, however, our primary focus are those marginalised persons in our society, persons with disabilities, the elderly and indigenous people, whom we strive to uplift.

What do we OFFER?
Through our “Bag of Hope” we anticipate that we will be able to empower those marginalised elements of society to get the necessary training and developed to be appropriately skilled to embrace the opportunities as highlighted in the “opportunity bag”, be, it for:

ü  Enterprise development;

ü  Product and service development;

ü  Entrepreneurial opportunities;

ü  The iStart2 sing challenge; or
For any other business/arts opportunities. 

 What is our AMBITION?

We think of marginalised people as living in remote, rural areas of our land but in reality they are often also right in our midst, living in squatter camps in the perimeters of our metropolitan areas, cities and towns, but also in inner city areas left vacant as corporate businesses move out to more affluent areas. 

Our focus is to help equip these persons so that they can look after themselves and their families, are not a burden on the state anymore and can ultimately create wealth for themselves. 

In short….
... To create a sustainable livelihood for marginalised persons in our society

Why do we MATTER?

Because of our association with and use of the arts in our offerings, solutions and our outcomes that we believe that we have a competitive edge over the rest. 

We can and will get the job done. 

We are reaching out to schools, Training & Events companies and NGO partners in different cities and towns all over South Africa to assist with their fundraising initiatives. 
Some investors may decide to invest in the overall concept without being prescriptive about where their investments are applied. However, we expect that most investors will say that they are specifically interested in investing in a specific element or component.

Would you like to invest in (multiple selections are in order)……

I have no preference

Training and Skills Development (see Note A below)

Products and Services (see Note B below)

Property (Fixed Assets) (see Note C below)

In developing a Cooperative Participatory & Networking Delivery Model (see Note D below)

In rolling out the Business Model (see Note E below)

In Events (see Note F below)

Radio and TV programmes (see Note G below)

Any other focus (please provide detail)

A.   We will focus initially on learnerships in New Venture Creation; Project Management; and Sustainability skills training / Environmental Management;

B.   We focus on the sale of CDs, T-shirts, Solar lights; and importantly on the distribution of our “Bag of Opportunity”;

C.   The iStart2 property at 160 South Street, Centurion offers exciting investment opportunities;

D.   The development of the cooperative, participatory and networking model will be an absolutely pivotal component of and contributor to the overall success (and ROI) of the iStart2 Initiative. You may wish to invest in the “glue” that pulls together the various elements as shown in the diagram on the previous page; then this is maybe the investment focus for you;

E.   Similarly, the specific business model used may require atypical investments – if that is your forte this is for you;

F.   We are going to on the one hand present iStart2 Music and Arts Festivals in 27 South African metropoles, cities and towns. The festivals will vary in scale, budget and size but all of them will inherently project the iStart2 Strategic Intent. On the other hand we have launched the iStart2 Challenge.

G.   For the past more than 3 years we (Pierre du Toit and Keitu Gwangwa) have been hosting the iStart2Sing Radio Show on Radio Today, in an afternoon rush hour slot on Thursdays. We have been negotiating with various stakeholders about the iStart2 Sing TV show. Both of these can do with an investment injection.

The success of this venture rests strongly on the partnerships that we establish. Partnerships with corporate partners will enhance aspects of our strategic intent that are also part of the core focus of the respective corporate entities. 

On the other hand partnerships with other NGOs, typically forged with our iStart2 Foundation will collectively chase better social and economic benefits for our targeted beneficiary groups (marginalised elements of society).

Thirdly, we also develop partnerships with international corporations and organisations, such as the Waka-Waka Foundation in the Netherlands, who are instrumental in the distribution of solar lights to our beneficiaries.

In order to leverage the work we are doing in iStart2 we believe that it will be essential to set up some type of cooperative, participatory and networking delivery model. We have gained considerable experience in this regard over the past two decades.

Concluding Remarks

Support from both communities and prominent individuals for the iStart2 initiative is growing by the day. We offer a compelling way for many to channel enthusiasm, funding and partnership skills into consequential activations and enterprises that will change the way people interact with sustainability, energy usage, climate issues and art. Let’s help fight inequality, poverty, deprivation and marginalisation and in the process work together to create jobs.

... or put in the words of the iStart2 Strategic Intent let us work together to create a sustainable livelihood for marginalised persons in our society.

Contact Pierre du Toit on for a meeting.

(Visit for more information about this exciting initiative)