Friday, January 20, 2017

My Message to Donald Trump ... Dr Nigel Crawhall

Nigel's message to Donald Trump:

"Come to Africa. Come and see some of the rural communities. They will teach you a lot about the world. We have all the solutions we need inside Africa. What we do need is cooperation so that everybody works together for the longterm sustainability of the Planet." 

Dr Nigel Crawhall's lifelong interest has revolved around the relationship between people and our quality of life - internal, external and inter-dependent. This is expressed through social justice, environmental sustainability, climate advocacy, conservation, intercultural dialogue and personal growth.

For the last twenty years, most of his work has been with indigenous peoples in Africa - concentrating on human rights, environmental governance and climate justice issues. This work has included contributing to IUCN's mandate on climate, protected areas and World Heritage.

His work with IUCN initially focused on social policy and protected areas. The emphasis has been on participation, benefit sharing and respect for indigenous peoples and local communities values, knowledge and sustainable use of natural resources. More recently his focal point is on religion, spirituality, climate and environment.

On the iStart2 Radio Show this week we chat to Dr Nigel Crawhall, the Director of Secretariat, Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee (IPACC). He joins us to look at the impact of climate change on South Africa, he gives feedback on his participation at COP22 in Marrakech and elaborates on his work with the Interfaith movement and IUCN in creating a more sustainable world.

Listen to the interview with Nigel below:

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