Friday, January 27, 2017

The iStart2 Story ... Keitu Gwangwa interviews Pierre du Toit

iStart2 is a Sustainabilty-through-Arts movement in which communities participate in re-imagining and implementing solutions towards leaving sustainable footprints for our children.

iStart2 is a campaign built around the need for a revolution in the way we manage our environment and our world. iStart2 is not just what we want to do, but also what we must do. iStart2 is a rallying call to all those who wish to make the world a more sustainable place.

The i in “iStart2” is you the individual, taking responsibility for doing your part to co-create Sustainability Through (ST) Art, in order to (2) do one thing to create a more sustainable world. Let's inspire people in South Africa to commit to pledging ‘I start 2…’ do one thing to contribute to a sustainable world.

Through celebrating our differences, our uniqueness, togetherness, iStart2 seeks to connect the inter-dependent world for the sake of the earth and the earth’s inhabitants. Actions speak louder than words, so ... the question is what do your actions shout today? i-start-2 understand. i-start-2 do what I must. i-start-2 today…

Building bridges and form partnerships with national and world leaders, their foundations and the networks supporting them.

A movement that has such a powerful vision creates a bridge into a world where real change can happen to real people. The iStart2 campaign at it’s core strives to see a nation and ultimately a world moved to change it’s behaviour, to see the rising up of a new way of life that is healthier, brighter and better for us and our children.

Using the iStart2 Challenge to plug into and build on existing efforts of organizations and citizens spearheading sustainability projects within South Africa.

Through art a sustainable world can become a reality. iStart2 seeks to connect people, and enable them to join hands and find creative, practical solutions for a sustainable future. This includes building bridges and securing foundations with world leaders and the networks that support their efforts. It also includes using ‘art’ as a catalyst to inspire change.

Using the arts to communicate in a fun and positive way that talks to the head and hearts of diverse communities and inspire them to use their hands in saving water, energy, waste in a healthy and safe environment.

All the programmes and projects that plug into this campaign seek to see that vision fulfilled. It is a mammoth task, but it is an essential task, if we want to see the lives of our children preserved, and a legacy of beauty and splendour left for them. This is where it matters most: Our Future.

Contribute to the creation and imagination of new sustainable solutions for a better, healthier and brighter future across South Africa.

People with Disabilities, the Elderly and Indigenous Peoples of the world will form the core of the iStart2 movement interconnected with Artists, Business, Government, The Media, Religious Communities, Schools, Universities, Colleges and Elderly Folk through an initiative growing the youth of South Africa

Visit our website to learn more about our vision.

The iStart2 Radio Show:

On the iStart2 Show this week Keitu Gwangwa interviews Pierre du Toit on the iStart2 Story. 
They chat about highlights, disappointments and challenges experienced over the past six years. They also focus on a few interesting projects on the horizon. 

Upcoming Events: 

See you there! 

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