Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Whale Caller ... Zola Maseko

"The Whale Caller is a story about disconnection ... but whales always come back, just like clockwork," says Zola Maseko on the iStart2 Show this week. "It's a coming in from the cold kinda film. It's gonna entertain people. it's gonna move people, it's gonna make people laugh."

Pops Mohamed, composer and producer of the music score of the movie had this to say: "Big up to Zola Maseko who directed the film. He is a brilliant director with vision. I wish the whole crew from The Whale Caller including the two main actors Sello Maake KaNcube and Amrain Ismail Essop, all the best for this amazing movie. I would encourage South African movie lovers to go and watch the film which also has a bit of a Hollywood style and feel to it. A MUST SEE !!!!"

Zola Maseko moved back to South Africa in 1994 and wrote The Foreigner, a short fiction film about xenophobia in this country. In 1998 he directed The Life and Times of Sarah Baartman and released his first feature film, Drum, in 2004. Last week at the Johburg Film Festival competition, The Whale Caller, his new much anticipated film, based on the novel by Zakes Mda won the Best African Film Category and will be released early in 2017. "These stories have chosen me to birth them. Every film I make is tackling the demons. We all carry wounds that can be traced back to our childhood. I want to share the story and what it did to me."

"The world seems to be getting more conservative, more insular, more closed off. The challenges today become more about religion. Instead of becoming a more inclusive world, we are going back. Instead of opening up and accepting one another's differences, we are retreating," says Zola when asked about the biggest challenges we face as a society. He firmly believes that art has connected human beings throughout history. "Our differences can be united through Art. In order to live happily in this world we have to connect to human beings."

Being a vegan, his iStart2 message is to eat differently: "It is amazing what a change of diet has done in my life. It's all to do with healthy eating."

Listen to the interview with this inspirational man. It touches your soul. 

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