Friday, November 18, 2016

Cry Freedom, again ... Tineke van den Klinkenberg

"You start because you think Apartheid is a very ugly thing. My life changed totally when I hosted Jonas Gwangwa in my house in Amsterdam. Apartheid then wasn't just a slogan anymore ... it became a part of your life," says Tineke van den Klinkenberg on the iStart2 Show this week. "I have a big family here in South Africa because of the Struggle."

On the iStart2 Show this week we pay tribute to those foreigners who played a role in the struggle against Apartheid. We chat to one of the unsung heroine's of the time, Tineke van den Klinkenberg on her recent visit to South Africa. We chat about her role and reasons for joining the Dutch Anti-Apartheid Movement, Casa, Operation Vula and personal stories about her special relationship with her exile children in South Africa.

"It is a very confusing time at the moment. People have to realize fear is a very bad thing. We have to move forward and try to understand people as human beings," says Tineke. We say thank you to Tineke for her contribution to  building a sustainable future for all the people of the world.  Nothing compares to you! 

Listen to a remarkable woman sharing a beautiful story of hope about a very ugly time in our history:

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