Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Singer-songwriter Luna Paige at the Atterbury Theatre

#iStart2Sing is proud to announce that Luna Paige will be performing at the Cry of Africa Show on Friday 25 November 2016.

Luna Paige is a qualified social worker with a Masters Degree in Welfare Programme Management. Luna currently focuses on her career as singer / songwriter and performer. She has been making music since 1999 and has released 4 albums up to date.

Albums released:

Luna (2003): a 7-track album consisting of Luna's first songs. This album was recorded live in studio over 3 days. Songs "Step outside" and "All you'll need" have been play listed on popular television series, Going Nowhere Slowly as well as on various radio stations.

Missing Pieces (2005): The album was produced by bass-player and composer, Schalk Joubert and features some of SA's top session muso's. Song "Somewhere beautiful" was playlisted on numerous radio stations and aired on MK89. This song reached the top 10 of OFM in Bloemfontein.

Wonderful life (2009): produced by Luna Paige also features SA's top session artists. Songs such as "Won't be leaving you behind", "Fly" and "Restless soul" have been playlisted on national and community radio stations with "Restless soul" reaching SA top 5 on MK89.

Storielied (2012): a live DVD and CD. Luna's first Afrikaans project. All songs are inspired by Afrikaans novels and short stories. This show was performed by a 13 piece band with some of SA's top musicians. Directed by veteran actor, producer and director, Albert Maritz. This live DVD ensured a range of performances at festivals in SA and took Luna on her first journey to Europe (the Netherlands).

Genre / sound influences:
Rock ballads, jazzy-bluesy vibes, reggae-influences, country tunes and pop-rock numbers. Some world music flavours too.

"Imagine a performance with the indigenous Khoi mouth bow accompanied by a mesmerizing west African kora, soulful Afrikaans guitar in there with soothing powerful vocals, hypnotising Indian tablas, piercing spoken word by a formidable feme, hauting violin and throbbing primal drums...There are hundreds of events happening this weekend, but none will be as diverse as this. This a truly South African sound bringing everyone together" - Keitu Gwangwa
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