Friday, April 22, 2016

The Past meets the Future ... Coenie de Villiers

Coenie de Villiers, renowned South African singer and songwriter joined us on the iStart2 Radio Show this week. We chatted about his future, sustainability of artists and the upcoming show in Centurion this weekend. Pops Mohamed also popped in to share information on a special guest who will be performing at the show.

The full interview is on the podcast down below, but here are some short highlights of our discussion with Coenie. He shares his views on:

The Horizon:
"I get up in the morning and say: What does the universe have to offer?"

Our Biggest challenge:
"We are not listening to each other".


"I would like to do anything that I could to create a South Africa where we see fellow South Africans and respect them"

Indigenous Music:
"I listen to an immense amount of indigenous and African music and Pops's work which I respect very deeply.
It touches me. Pops really is an idol for me. Very excited and a little bit nervous about working with Pops. If we can move the world as artists we can create a better world for all of us. No judgement!"

A message to our leadership:
"It would be incredible to see more opportunity for musicians across the board. Invest money in projects that show the rest of South Africa that we love each other and love working together".

"Creating art and doing what you believe you should be doing is a steep order. The big challenge for artists is to create decent stuff".

"I often think that musicians can teach the lessons the politicians fail to show. Musicians and artists and writers can unite people by creating great works that make people listen and learn and not judge." 

A message to our people:
"Support local art. Support live shows. Go to the show that we are going to have.
Listen a little bit outside your comfort zone. It's an opportuntiy people should grab. There's amazing stuff and people waiting to be discovered."

The iStart2 Show this weekend:
"It is a show about music, warmth, humanity ... and about creating a better world for all of us. I really hope people come and it's a fantastic opportunity to hear new musicians.
It's going to be so special. You will hear artists you have never heard before."

Come and smell the catbush, the kambro ... listen to the kora, kalimba and mouthbow .... see something unique ... hear the sounds of the Kalahari ... experience the past and meet the future!

To listen to the full interview with Coenie, just click play below:

Thought of the Day: (Coenie's favourite quote)

A unique experience awaits you in Centurion! Join us on our journey to create a more sustainable South Africa.

Book tickets for the show here

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