Friday, February 12, 2016

Losing my Religion ... Drs Piet Muller & Gerhard Bothma

Getting fired during your peak earning years has always been scary. How do you deal with this? Ex-NG Dominee, Gerhard Bothma shares his experience: "My biggest fear is to go back and work for a boss." 

"The more murkier things become, the more opportunities there are," says Piet Muller on the iStart2 Show this week. "Stop talking yourself into misery, change your mindset and stick out your hand to everybody."

Piet Muller is a futurist and creativity consultant who brings with him a wealth of experience in diverse fields. He was amongst others co-founder of two publishing houses and founding editor of an opinion magazine. He is also an active environmentalist, who was involved in various conservation projects and presents seminars on the future.

Gerhard Bothma is a change agent and networker. He has published three books and numerous academic and popular articles on a wide variety of subjects. He currently applies the knowledge and experience he has gained from working with organizations and volunteers for more than 30 years as public speaker, teacher, coach and writer.

To listen to a podcast of the show just click play below:

Thought of the Day: Never, ever, give up!

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