Friday, February 5, 2016

Tomorrow will be too late, my son ... Lucie Pagé

"We have to live within the limits of the Planet. What is so difficult to understand?" asks Lucie Pagé on the iStart2 Show this week. "Everyone wants to be happy and live in peace. What are we doing to achieve that?"

After having travelled in 53 countries, often accompanying her husband in his meetings with great leaders of this planet, discussions with activists, scientists, Nobel laureates, civil society leaders, presidents, people that are discussing the state of the planet we are leaving our children and the mountains we have to move, together, to stop its destruction in the name of profit, the book Demain, il sera trop tard, mon fils (“Tomorrow will be too late, my son” – 2014) was born. 

Lucie's book is a conversation with her son Kami who, at 21 years old only, asks terribly lucid questions about the state of the planet and forces us to reflect, "There has been a genocide of values," Kami says. 

Husband and father Jay Naidoo also joins the conversation, from the perspective of someone who has already, in a sense, changed the world by his role in the liberation of South Africa. Seven topics are covered: injustice, greed/corruption, the environment, agriculture/nutrition, religion/spirituality, values, and the role of the youth.  The critics in the media all talk of a powerful book, a cry of the heart of the mother but especially Kami’s and, through his voice, that of the youth, seeking a better world.

To listen to the podcast, some music by Philippe Elan and Katherine Jenkins and a lively discussion with Lucie, just click play:

Thought of the Day:

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