Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Malindy Myeza's Meadowlands

"It is very possible for people of different religions to take hands. We all hear the same pain - we can all take hands" -  Ma Malindy Myeza (iStart2 Ambassador for the Elderly)

Yes, we have this beautiful lady back in the studio. She shares her stories about Nelson Mandela, how she felt about being a recipient of the Order of Baobab, her solutions as iStart2 Ambassador ("We must mobilize women") and her views about the future of South Africa.

(Pierre, Seipati Kau, Malindy Myeza and Thato Sehularo in the Radio Today Studio)

Join us and listen to the wit and wisdoms of a 76 year old Ugogo from Soweto. (Part 2) Just click the podcast :-) For feedback email me: Pierre@istart2.com. Enjoy!

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