Tuesday, October 30, 2012

If you go away ... Karin Hougaard (Part 2)

Sheeez! Have just listened to Karin again, talking about her experiences in the Netherlands, what it felt like to perform to 17 000 people three nights in a row in Antwerp, how she integrated sustainability themes like collaboration, new territory, open systems and her motto , "Reduce, Re-use and Recycle" into her life, her music and her new cd Alien Sky.

Karin's insights, passion and inspiration is probably one of the biggest driving forces that will contribute to  making the iStart2 Challenge an initiative that will move many people to start leaving sustainable footprints. Karin doesn't just talk... she inspires and excites us to start living the change we want to see.

We listen to a few songs: 

"For you" - a song Karin wrote as an anthem for her country, South Africa, and "Frightened Heart" about how it feels to be in unfamiliar territory (from her new cd, Alien Sky). Karin also sings Queen, "You take my breath away" and one of her Dutch songs, "Bij Mij" - powerful and intimate. 

That which she could not put into words or music – she now captures in her paintings. The painting below is aptly called " We do all kinds of fencing"

(Click here to view some of her work)

What a privilege and honour it is to work with such a multi talented individual. I salute you Karin Hougaard! Click "play" to listen to the podcast of our show.

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