Tuesday, October 23, 2012

If you go away ... Karin Hougaard (Part 1)

Almost four years ago Karin Hougaard moved to a little town, Oak Ridge in North Carolina, USA. We chat to Karin about  how living in another country has changed her life. How it influenced her brand new cd Alien Sky and listen to "Free Falling" from the album. Sustainability issues is close to her heart and we discuss her  involvement in iStart2, fun times in Amsterdam with the recording of Quiet Love and lots more. 

(Karin in the Netherlands during the recording of Quiet Love)

Karin took the chance, she took the step, she holds on tight... and will never look back. Karin is free falling...

" Free falling is for dreamers
just a daring lullaby
free falling is for dreamers
just a moment flashing by
free falling
free falling
free falling " 

Fun times in Amsterdam :-)
Here with Philippe Elan and Suzaan Steyn

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