Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sophiatown Memories - Malindy Myeza

"Learn to be empathetic with people - be yourself ... be normal",  was the the biggest thing I learnt from Beyers Naude" - Ma Malindy Myeza. (iStart2 Ambassador for the Elderly)

Ma Malindy and her favourite Tsotsi

What an honour and privilege to have this exceptional Ugogo in the studio. Activist, teacher ( "Half a loaf is poison, so I quit teaching") , Senior vice President of the Council Of Churches, "second" wife to Beyers Naude, unsung heroine of the 1976 Soweto riots, recipient of the Order of Baobab from President Thabo Mbeki... a life full of too many memories and highlights to mention. 

Pierre, Seipati Kau, Malindy Myeza & Thato Sehularo
in the Radio Today Studio.

Listening to Ma Malindy gives me hope for the challenges we face in our country. She had to overcome so many obstacles in her life but is still smiling and doing community work from her humble home in Soweto at the age of 76.

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