Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Voice of the feelings ... Conny Braam

In 1971 Conny Braam, together with some others, formed the Anti-Apartheidsbeweging Nederland (AABN). The AABN played an important role in the international struggle against apartheid and Braam was the leader of this organisation that offered support to the African National Congress (ANC) in exile and informed the Dutch public.

Attie van Nel in discussion with Conny Braam 
at the iStart2 Hub in Centurion (Feb 2017)

In 1986 Braam was approached by leaders of the ANC in exile and asked to assist with Operation Vula. Braam went about helping with the setting up of safe-houses inside South Africa and with arranging the smuggling of documents into South Africa. She also made contact with people inside Europe where the ANC could arrange disguises and obtain things they needed. The highly secret mission consumed five years of Braam’s life as she dodged several attempts to assassinate her. (Source: South African History Online)

Conny has just released her book on the Namaqua King, "Ik ben Hendrik Witbooi", one of nine Namibian national heroes who lead a rebellion against German rule in the country back in the early 1900's.
“He is a fascinating historical character and I would say one of the great revolutionary guerillas of Africa. He spoke an Afrikaans that is closer to Dutch and left a wealth of writing including his diaries,” says Conny.

Attie van Nel and Pierre du Toit had the honour of interviewing this incredible woman about the considerable role she played in our country's struggle for democracy. We chatted to Conny about how the AABN helped shape the freedom we live in, her views on South Africa today and her new book about Hendrik Witbooi. Do not miss what she has to say!

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Today we also feature the beautiful new instrumental song by Pops Mohamed and Coenie de Villiers, Naledi.

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