Friday, February 10, 2017

Milking the Holy Cows ... Deon Maas

Hear what Deon Maas has to say on the iStart2 Show this week. He is the author of the best seller, "Melk die Heilige Koeie." As writer, music producer, radio presenter and television host, Deon Maas wears many hats. Love him, or hate him ... but hear his views on:

"I don't see myself as controversial at all. I am never going to try and convice you to think the way I think. It is important to understand what I believe and where I come from. We have lost the ability to listen. We are not listening to learn, we are listening to answer."

" What I say is too liberal for the Afrikaans media or too Afrikaans for the English media. People can't put my ideas in a box. It confuses people ... and especially the media."

South Africans:
"We as South Africans haven't learnt how to debate properly and we are incredibly segmented in our thinking. All of us grew up very insular. We have given the world three things: Apartheid, the inability to listen and vocal harmonies."

"Somebody like Trump and The Brexit has given them a certain confidence in their wrongness. They are becoming more vocal and violent about it. We should look out for these people because they kind of spoil it for everybody else. They give Afrikaans speaking people a bad name. Then somebody like Steve Hofmeyr will stand up and say he speaks on behalf of the Afrikaner. He does not speak on behalf of me, any of my friends, my extended circle of friends and sure as hell not on behalf of my friends who are not white."


"Afrikaans has a long history through slavery with the Muslims who predominantly developed the language. Not white Christians as is claimed today. There are a lot of things about Afrikaans that people don't know. Lack of knowledge is exploited by racists and organisations like Afriforum who advocate a certain level of Afrikaansness which doesn't exist and it is definitely not the voice of the majority." 


"Is it Potch? ... of ruik ek my bolip?"

My question to Zuma:
"Why do you hate South Africa so much?"

"South African music makes me wanna move! Music is the most powerful communicator that you can ever have and it appeals to your most basic instincts."


"We should really start with the basics ... simple stuff like don't leave a tap running ... then the next step up is to recycle. Woolies freaks me out so much ... it's just plastic, plastic, plastic .... for me sustainability is about taking responsibility for your actions."

I believe ...
"Everything is possible if we stop being assholes"

iStart2 ....
"It has to do with changing your mindset.... iStart2 be responsible. I take responsibility. I will be held responsible for my actions"

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