Saturday, February 4, 2017

Poison on your plate? ... Gina Shoemaker

"Have a conscience and be aware of your environment and surroundings," says Gina Shoemaker on the iStart2 Radio Show this week. "We can prosper just by accepting change. Every action affects climate change and our environment. If we all decide to do the right thing we can tackle the food security issue. No child should go hungry. Do you want to put poison on your plate or nutritional organic veg? Take a stand!"

Gina Shoemaker, Managing Director of Green Earth Concepts has over 25 years of experience in agricultural and horticultural landscaping. Gina has implemented many organic farming schemes and developed the commercial worm farm operation which generates organic fertilizer for any size waste generator. Farmers have taken an interest in the commercial worm farms whilst realizing that it is less expensive to grow organic crops. The organic waste solution has been implemented in over 200 successful operations in South Africa.

Green Earth Concepts will help you develop skills and environmental awareness in the field of organic recycling. Her goal is to relieve hunger by providing means to enhance permaculture and organic food production. Incorporating mulch and compost as a primary carbon credit, the objective is to recycle and reuse organic refuse in accordance with the National Waste Minimisation Standards. The primary mission is recycling organic material for use as soil conditioners that will produce nutritious crops and enhance food security as a whole.

"There is so much opportunity for Africa to be the breadbasket of the world," says Gina. " iStart2 grow organic and eat organic food".

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