Friday, August 26, 2016

Us? Why not? Now? Of course! You? Yes!!

Building and sustaining yourself and your business is hard work! It can only be sustained by visionary leaders who commit to making a change in the world. Leaders who stand up for what is right and who are prepared to challenge the status quo and contribute in making work and companies more worthy and better positioned to excel in a better sustainable future for all. 

This week on the iStart2 Show we chatted to some of our partners in
Coaching - Coba Röhm from Ignite - and Training & Development - Naledi and Oz Bantu from Grounded Partners about collaborating on new visions for the future. 

"Take time to stand still and look at me"

"How green is green? It is about changing lives"
- Oz Bantu on the iStart2 Show

Listen to the show and find out more about interesting projects in the making:

ITO Focus - The Green Network and iStart2 invite you to join hands with us to create a better world and a better South Africa and leaving sustainable footprints for the children of our children.

Please contact Pierre du Toit at if you are interested in a presentation about our services:

Maybe a morning workshop with Pops Mohamed and lessons learnt from our ancestors through music? Or get us in to help you with Entrepreneurial Capacity Building or Training in Evironmental Skills? We also offer a two day Team Building Through-Music-and-Art workshop to inspire your work teams. 

We look forward to collaborating with you! 


Don't miss the iStart2 Show at 17h30 on Thursday 1 August 2016 when we welcome Mario Molina to our studio in Johannesburg.

Mario is responsible for the design, strategic goals, and engagement programs for The Climate Reality Leadership Corps in the US and abroad. Mario joined the Climate Reality Project in April of 2013 and has spearheaded trainings for over 4,000 leaders in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, South Africa, Turkey, and the US. 

His expertise in international climate policy and strategy combined with a strong background in metrics, analytics, and data drives the Leadership Corps with a data-driven engagement strategy across multiple sectors and demographics.

Prior to joining The Climate Reality Project, Mario was responsible for creating a climate education program that reached more than 1.5 million students across the United States, and several sustainability and conservation programs in Australia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Peru