Friday, August 5, 2016

Activism is Sexy! It is Time to Act! ... Kumi Naidoo

"Our struggle is not about the Planet. The Planet doesn't need saving. Climate change will not make every day hotter. This struggle is about whether humanity can find a way to co-exist with nature. Practically it is about our children and our children's future," says Kumi Naidoo on the iStart2 Show this week. 

He firmly believes that we have to remember what the history of the human journey teaches us about an essential ingredient. Without it, the burst of efforts and evidence of change that we see today will remain too little, too late. That ingredient is hope. It's the belief that change is possible.

Kumi has a strong message for the newly elected leadership in South Africa: "So many millions of our people do not have a place to p*** and s***."

Dr Kumi Naidoo was kicked out of school at the age of 15. As the former Executive Director of Greenpeace International he had an icy water canon trained on him whilst climbing a ladder on an oil rig in the Arctic and fell in the icy water. An extreme activist in the truest sense of the word.

He was the Secretary and CEO of Civicus, the world alliance for citizen participation, from 1998 - 2008 before joining Greenpeace. He fought against Apartheid in South Africa ("The struggle against Apartheid gave me a very large extended family.") He has led various global initiatives, including the Global Call for Climate Action and the Global Call to Action Against Poverty. He is now the start-up director for the Africa Civil Society Initiative.

Listen to the podcast of the iStart2 Show with Kumi Naidoo here:

Thought of the Day:

On a lighter note!

The iStart2 initiative on SowetoTV

Tim Modise chats to the Princess of Africa, Yvonne Chaka Chaka on SowetoTV on Woman's Day, Tuesday 9 August 2016 from 19h30 - 20h00. 

Yvonne shares her journey as a woman in Africa, talks about her involvement in the recording of the iStart2Sing CD and her contribution to benefit people in Giyani by joining iStart2 in the distribution of solar lights to the community. Join us on The Tim Modise Show, #DSTV Channel 251 and Free-to-Air in Gauteng, with one of the most remarkable woman in South Africa.

Activism is Sexy! It is time to act!

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