Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Bad Touch ... David Bellamy, Simone & Douglas J Shaw

Artist, scientist, designer and environmentalist, David Bellamy is inspired by almost everything in the natural world... “and by ferocity, kindness, generosity, ambition, valour”.

Design meets Biodiversity

Rooted in the disciplines of science and art, his work reflects deeply held philosophical perspectives on humanity’s place in nature, ie a biocentrism that extends value to all living things and the environment in which they flourish.

“Our basecloths are either 100% Libeco Belgian linen or 55% linen, because linen has lower pesticide and water consumption impacts, as well as being very hard-wearing, with a long life. Linen is also renowned for the fact that it is biodegradable and does not produce landfill waste or sea plastic. “Our inks are made locally by Dala, and are low-toxicity, water soluble inks, reducing pollution and enhancing safety.

“The subject matter of the designs point to current South African issues, whilst participating in global conversations. The design ethos involves generating a “new African language”, which doesn't rely on appropriation of the work of other and older cultures, and stereotypes.

“If one thinks through as many dimensions of visuality, meaning, content, and production, anything can be made to participate in the restoration and repair of the biosphere, as well as intervening in the designing of human thinking and perception, probably the principal and most urgent zone of “design activism and intervention”. – David Bellamy, August 2016

The bbellamy&bbellamy shop in Main Road, Muizenberg houses an extensive curated collection of imported fabrics, hand-picked by David over decades, and is a treasure trove for local decorators, fabric lovers and tourists.

 Health and Home

Simone Prinsloo, a single mom with two children got diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. She lost her job and struggled to pay her house bond but tried holding on to her house in this difficult time. The Banksters and auctioneers then moved in and illegally sold her house with no regard to the Constitution or procedures required by Law. 

This brave woman tells her story on the iStart2 Show. We asked an Advocate of the Supreme Court, Douglas J Shaw,  to join us in Studio to give his opinion on the case. We have all seen the little heartless bot that will be running our lives at banks in future. It is time to bring back the humans?

 "No matter what you go through in life, 
you can make a difference"
- Simone Prinsloo on the iStart2 Show

To listen to the show, click play below:

Something to think about:

Make a difference out there this week :-)

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