Monday, November 9, 2015

Vukani! Wake up! ... Sonwabile Ndamase

"We are sitting on a time bomb" says Sonwabile Ndamase, CEO of Vukani and Executive President of SAFDA, well known as the designer of the Madiba Shirt. "We have been hiding behind the ethos of Ubuntu. We've got a dependency syndrome. Which country can really depend on free give-aways?"

"We must compete in the market place according to what we can deliver"
- Sonwabile Ndamase

Sonwabile is an innovator, creative thinker and visionary. Having had the opportunity to spend time with him on the iStart2 Show, he also overwhelmed us with his sense of humour - a humble man with heart and wisdom and his feet firmly planted on African soil. He is committed to growing the local fashion industry and has through a variety of organizations mentored the young guns of the African Diaspora fashion designers.

We chatted to Sonwabile about what he sees on the horizon in South Africa, the upcoming Vukani Fashion Awards and
his passion for creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs. To listen to his views, just click play: 

Thought of the Day:


Upcoming Events: 21 November 2015
iStart2 Hub - Centurion 

Join iStart2 in celebrating a collaboration of various cultures with Afrikaans at the iStart2 Hub in Centurion on 21 November 2015. The event aims to bring together some of our South African musical icons showcasing the magic that happens when different musicians play music together. Top artists will join iStart2 Ambassador Pops Mohamed in embracing the spirit of solidarity and highlighting diversity and sustainability through music.  

We need openness with other Afrikaans and indigenous speaking people if we are to grow and prosper in South Africa. If we know where we come from we will figure out where we are going to” says Pops Mohamed, Arts Director of iStart2.

With the promise of entertainment for all, the iStart2Sing Show will be a great night out for discerning music lovers. Artists like Pops Mohamed, Sipho Hotstix Mabuse, Ashish Joshi, Andries "Roof" Bezuidenhout from Brixton Moord & Roof Orkes, Poorvhi Bhana, Femi Koya and Herman Steyn from the band Sheraaz are lined up to perform. Kabous Meiring, presenter of Prontuit on Kyknet, will MC the event. 

Book your ticket at or at the iStart2 Hub on the day of the event. Limited seats available.

3 - 5 December 2015
Tshwane - State Theatre 
Never before has a theatrical production applied such heartrending artistry in telling the truths of our history, whilst soliciting support the world over for our country`s freedom. An unprecedented historical and emotional experience awaits the South African people, for the first time on home soil: Amandla Cultural Ensemble: The Production.
Book here

The iStart2 Radio Show on Radio Today:
Pierre du Toit and Keitu Gwangwa host the iStart2 Show on Thursdays at 17h30 (GMT+2). Radio Today broadcasts on 1485AM in Johannesburg and nationally on DSTV audio channel 869. Radio Today also streams on its website and on 

Radio Today the station that cares. Radio that delivers!

Summer is here! Enjoy!

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