Friday, November 20, 2015

Keep your dirty lights on ... Derek Jooste & Herringbone

Herringbone sends a clear message to society and mining companies specifically: 
  "Keep your dirty lights on"

"Through Art we can spread the Love" - Derek Jooste

On the iStart2 Show this week we chatted to Derek Jooste and members of the band, Herringbone. These young guys jammed in studio and shared wisdom on sustainability issues, the history of Bluegrass and their message to the world. 

Derek feels strongly about making an appeal to the rich, white people out there to support sustainability initiatives and community radio stations. His unique, dark sense of humour reflects in their song that relates to the evolution of mining in America. "However sustainable your domestic life may be, you have to think where your electricity comes from," says Richard English. Derek confirms this view about South African Mining companies: "If we have more honest mining we wouldn't be in the situation we are in." 

To listen to Herringbone's wit, wisdom and Bluegrass, just click play:

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