Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Africa ... Vanessa Perumal

Vanessa Perumal, at the helm of JT Communications,  holds the distinction of pioneering a leading brand in the media, communications, strategy and content production landscape of Africa. Her creed and vision, "African's for Africa" with Human Rights Activism at the core of its value system makes Vanessa one of the most valuable partners in communicating the iStart2 Story to the rest of the world.  As a social entrepreneur, Vanessa  is PASSION & ENERGY in capital letters.

We chatted to Vanessa about lessons learnt during the World Cup, her passion for the arts and the sustainability challenges we face in South Africa. Together with an international community of Friends of the Desert, Vanessa is at the forefront of profiling the Caravan for Peace in support of the people of Mali and the Sahel region's right to musical and cultural freedom of expression.

Just click play to listen to the show with Vanessa ( One of those shows where, afterwards, I just felt so damn  lucky to do what I do. This woman is a wonderful inspiration)

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