Saturday, March 9, 2013

Without my own two hands ... Samkelo Radebe & Simon Manda

 “I lost my hands but I don’t just want to be a disabled person.  I want to be an extraordinary, amazing human because being disabled is not enough.  I want to be that guy without hands who can do things much better than most.” - Samkelo Radebe, as he was quoted in the The Citizen, just before winning a Gold Medal in the Paralympic Games last year. This man is true to his word. What an honour to "take arms" with someone who promised that he will be the "best" ambassador on the iStart2 initiative. Without my own two hands we can change the world ...

Samkelo is joined in the iStart2 studio by Simon Manda, one of our media partners at Mass Media and responsible for the ThisAbility Newspaper circulated in South Africa. A man with a BIG heart who focus on spreading positive news and success stories about our disabled community. 

We chatted to Samkelo and Simon about their dreams, sustainability and what they are doing to create a more sustainable world out there.

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