Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let it be ... Yvonne Kgame (Part 2)

Death. Something we don't really want to think about. And when the guy with the long sable comes along we get a choice ... only sometimes.  Yvonne Kgame had that choice after a double stroke in 2007. We continue our discussion with her in the iStart2 Show. Her determination is a fearless expression of her choice to live and to do so with a deep sense of purpose. 

Yvonne  is currently The Executive: 
Innovations and Editorial Manager of Local Content at the SABC.

In tonight's show we chat to Yvonne about sustainability, the values of Hope, Humour, Interconnectedness, Inspiration and Forgiveness and how we need to go about it to achieve the dream of a serving nation. She advises on the iStart2 television series. We talk about the role of the SABC in social change and sustainability. Yvonne gives a commitment to "start too". A celebratory story of a second chance at life. 

In the Radio Today studio with the iStart2 Production Team

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