Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sustainability Conversations ... DiCaprio's Before The Flood (Watch it FREE)

"Try to talk to anyone about climate change and people just tune out," says Leonardo DiCaprio. We wanted to create a film that gave people a sense of urgency, that made them understand what particular things are going to solve this problem."

Before the Flood, a new feature-length documentary, presented and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio can be viewed FREE on 30 October 2016. Over the last three years, DiCaprio travelled the globe to explore the effects of climate change on the planet and its inhabitants.

While filming the documentary 'Before the Flood' DiCaprio gained insights from scientists, activists and world leaders on the massive global challenge that is climate change. His collection of interviews in the film—ranging from President Obama and the Pope through to Elon Musk and Piers Sellars—cover the science, impacts, vested interests, politics and possible solutions.

What has changed in the time since DiCaprio received Al Gore's climate lesson in An Inconvenient Truth just over 10 years ago?

Says DiCaprio, "Everyone was focused on small individual actions [back then]. Boiled down to simple solutions such as changing a light bulb. It's pretty clear that we are way beyond that now. Things have taken a massive turn for the worse."

Before the Flood Trailer

National Geographic, aiming to spread the wordwill air 'Before the Flood' in 171 countires and in 45 languages on 30 October 2016.

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A lot has been happening in 2016 in the war on climate change. Looking at some of the headlines featured on the topic makes one realize that we need to take collective action as a matter of urgency. Get up-to-date with climate change in the world and SA - more info in articles below:

- World on track to loose two-thirds of wild animals by 2020 (source here)

- World's wildlife being pushed to the limits (in pictures) (here)
- South Africans urged to preserve indigenous plants, trees (here)
- If we ate climate change, would we understand it better? (here)

Nuclear deal is nothing but a fool's gamble with our future - Jay Naidoo. 

Read his article in the Sunday Times here.

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