Friday, October 14, 2016

Leader of the Pack ... Yassie ZA

"I am living my dream of freedom. There is nothing like a 1000 Km's on a bike to clear your mind. The feeling is freedom. I can live free, I can ride free, I can go wherever I want to go," says Yassie ZA on the iStart2 Show. 

Yassie, a gentle and humble soul, chatted to us about the life of a biker, the spirit of giving, and supporting underprivileged people in society. "We have to venture into different communities. It is important that we respect each other for our differences and trust in the greatness of people."

How does one get so hooked on Harley and the lifestyle of H.O.G. that comes with it? Yassie fell in love with the musical rumble of the Harley Davidson engine, admiring the customising and chrome. He started imagining himself on the road doing a 3,000km cruise and wondering how big a smile of happiness riding Harley would create. That happy smile has never left his face since acquiring his Harley beginning October 2013.

As a first long ride, it has been customary for Yassie to ride every new motorcycle ever owned to Cape Town and, of course, have his photo memory of his cycle with his loving family, the beautiful oceans and the majestic Table Mountain. And so, after the purchase of his Convertible he rode down to the West Coast Rally 2013, a great Rally that afforded him the opportunity to meet Harley Owners from all over Southern Africa. 

Riding home after this great social, Yassie made his decision that he would ride to meet Harley Owners and attend the H.O.G. Rallies. He says after each event, he cruised home with memories of new friendships formed, fond memories of a rally town and the forever beauty of the road.

Charitable events in the biking community is close to Yassie’s heart and he supports and give personal attention to those in need. He explains that whilst growing up on the Cape Flats, his community was a mixture of people coming from different economic class, backgrounds and cultures. At charity events, everyone contributed and supported, even if their time was all that they were able to offer. These values are followed by Yassie in the biking community far and wide.

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The iStart2 Team looks forward to joining hands with the biking community this December.

Let's bring light & Happy Holidays 
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