Friday, June 3, 2016

Song for Karen ... A Tribute

This week on the iStart2 Show we pay tribute to a remarkable woman with her favourite songs, personal stories, chats and memorable moments.

Karen Kotze passed away last week after a fierce battle with brain cancer. Karen was a driving force behind iStart2, always supporting, always sharing the weekly cartoon and radio show posts ... always inspiring our team to succeed and spread the message of sustainability through art.

Department of Justice pays tribute to Karen Kotze

We say goodbye to our favourite jurist, our loving team member and an extraordinary unique friend who will always be our guiding light amongst the stars.

Friends and family celebrating the life of an extraordinary woman

We salute you Karen Kotze!

To listen to the tribute show just click play below:

Thought of the Day:

RIP Karen Kotze
18 Feb 1964 - 23 May 2016

 "Song for Karen" - Pops Mohamed

Love and light!

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