Sunday, April 24, 2016

Making Magic On the Mountain - 23 April 2016

This is a fable which tells the story of an imaginary tribe living on Magic Mountain in a land of milk and honey. The tribe faced several challenges in our quest to acquire the magical diamonds at the top of the mountain.

It all happened one Saturday night when the moon was full. The tribe decided to gather their community and started talking and singing about the issues affecting their beautiful land ... 

It was very unfortunate that some skerminkels have infiltrated their beautiful land and were taking big bites out of the food source. 

The elders in the community shared tales of a long forgotten time when tribe members lived close to nature, when food was in abundance, when people cared about each other and lived in peace with one another ... 

It was a joyous evening full of fun and laughter. Ancient sounds of a long forgotten time connected our souls as we listened to the stories and music of the past and the future. 

The tribe realized that when we focus on creating a sustainable world, when we let it sing from every village and every town, from every city and every country, that we will then be able to join hands and leave sustainable footprints for our children. 

Is this what the crack in the universe is all about? 

Thank you to everyone who played their part in making this evening such a memorable experience.

We love you all and it was wonderful working together.
Let's get to the diamonds at the top of the mountain.

iStart2Sing from the mountain side ...