Tuesday, February 10, 2015

God Bless Africa ... Karen Hauptfleisch

Karen Hauptfleisch is maybe better known for her passion for the environment and underprivileged/vulnerable children which led her to the establishment of the non-profit and non-governmental organisation called SOAPkidz (www.soapkidz.org).  SOAPkidz has to date taken over 17,000 children and volunteers into nature where they are made to feel special and they are each taught about nature and their environment.  Through this stimulating experience, they are also taught that they have a role to play in the future of this planet.  

Karen Hauptfleisch with Deon Warrin, Keitu and Pierre
" iStart2 make a difference"

Karen has started a personal dream to be the first South African and woman to clean the highest peak in each of Africa’s 54 countries.  To date she is halfway and has had the opportunity the “see” the sunrise on 33 peaks throughout Africa.  This endeavour is affectionately called Sunrise on Africa’s Peaks (SOAP) and it started with a trip to Kilimanjaro in 1992.  

On each of these trips she takes the opportunity to interact with the local communities and clean up the litter on top of the peaks: "I always cry when I get to the top of a mountain. The destruction on some of the mountains, however, is heartbreaking".

We chatted to Karen on the iStart2 Show this week. To listen to this remarkable woman, just click play below:

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