Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Confluence ... Steve Dyer

 "I haven't seen artists with musical instruments wanting to go to war," says Steve Dyer. He believes artists have a positive role to play and that we need to learn to accommodate each other. "The more dignity you give to others, the more dignity you give to yourself." 

This man is a beaming reflection 
of diversity in this country. Not only does he speak a few of our official languages, including Sepedi, but he continues to celebrate South Africa's sense of diversity through his work. We chatted to Steve about the role of diversity in his music and life and he shares his views on sustainability issues; "There is no monopoly on culture", the art of life; "Humans not finding the value of the other,"  and lessons learnt in his long and illustrious career where he has "migrated" to a number of countries. 

" iStart2 live a life where I treat everybody with dignity and respect"
- Steve Dyer on the iStart2 Show

If Jazz is your thing, catch Steve performing with Nono Nkoane in Tshwane on the 13th February at the Rendezvous Theatre. To listen to the interview and some tracks from his latest cd, Confluence, just click play below:

Thought of the Day: #ForeignFear

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