Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wena Ubani ... Pule

Never underestimate a comedian... especially not one that loves Oda Meesta
Pule, comedian and  “I-awuthi yasekasi” (a guy from the township), describes himself as a “s’khothane” (new-age black youth sub-culture) who hails from Zone 3, Meadowlands in Soweto.

He speaks IsiCamtho (Tsotsi taal), Zulu, Sotho and English – and is also learning French and Japanese. Pule is a linguist involved in the study of languages especially in Soweto.  In his own words: "I study Languages like Isilifta and Jambula, which are sort of like a local pig latin. It’s a bit of a reverse language that’s believed to have originated in jail. In fact, I presented my thesis on this for the Linguistics Society of SA.” 

We chatted to Pule (who actually lives in Yeoville but spend most of his time in Soweto) about his work as a comedian, his passion for kwaito and his ideas about creating a sustainable world. For Pule it is important for us to reclaim our languages and that we do not loose touch with where we come from. We listen to his favourite music by Oda Meesta. To listen to the show click play:

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