Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ubombo ... Muzi Mthabela

"The Planet doesn't need us ... we need the Planet" Inspiring Muzi Mthabela speaks passionately about sustainability. He believes reaching into the past and learning from the wisdom of our forefathers is an ideal many touch briefly on. Mthabela delves into  practical examples that will stand out for us on our iStart2 journey.

Keitu Gwanga interviewing Muzi Mthabela 
on the iStart2 Show

According to Muzi each African clan is allocated an animal or a totem which is acknowledged within the family name. The Ndlovu’s or the Tlou’s are for example those of the elephant. They are assigned the keepers of the Elephant and commended to protect the mighty Beast for as long as their blood line exists. It is the pride of the clan. This is the legacy they have left us, entrusted to continue from generation to generation. These are treasures in the ancient systems we so often look down on today. Systems we refer to as primitive and outdated. Muzi also inspired with some beautiful African proverbs

"Wisdom is like a fire, people take it from others"  - Hema Proverb (DRC) and

"Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it." ~ Akan proverb
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