Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Too young to die ... Raymond Rampolokeng

"We have to take action to preserve the earth for future generations" - Raymond Rampolokeng, a man who makes bird watching sexy and appealing. He will entice you to take out your binoculars and enjoy the sounds, flight and sights of Soweto's feathered friends. He'll even take you to climb Enoch Sontonga Hill overlooking Orlando Dam and the colourful Two Towers. He might even convince you to be brave enough to do a bungy jump with him. 

A young man who takes pride in training and capacitating the local community on biodiversity and ecological awareness with an emphasis on heritage and eco tourism. His warm personality, kind heartedness, passion about bird life and knowledge about Soweto make him the right guy to take you on that township trip you have always wanted to do. This guy is all about changing mindsets and really giving you an experience to take the spirit of the people of Soweto home with you.

The words of Raymond's favourite song by Jamiroquai echoed in my mind after the interview. Let's rather build bridges in this beautiful country of ours. Raymond surely does.

Don't want no war,
'Cos we're too young to die,
So many people,
All around the world,
Seen their brothers fry.
What's the motive?
In your madness.
You've made my people cry.
So politicians this time
Keep your distance.
'Cos we're too young to die"

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Thought for the day - Eco Tourism vs Ego Tourism

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