Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Colourful ... Carel Ballack

As Ombudsman of SESSA (Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa), Carel Ballack mediated complaints on Solar Thermal installations. He also kept himself busy with project identification, research into the renewable energy industry and giving feedback to the broader industry on business opportunities and growth opportunities for small business & entrepreneurs. Carel recently joined the Copper Development Association Africa.

"Start2 be more aware of what is happening around you"
 Carel Ballack on the iStart2 Show

We asked him to join us on the iStart2 Show to give advice to those of us who plan to become more energy efficient. Carel also offered some good ideas on the issue of Solar energy. 

If you are interested to find out:

- How does a solar geyser work?

- How much electricity can one save by replacing your geyser with a solar geyser?
- Solar geysers are very expensive. How long does it take it to pay it off from the electricity savings?
- What are the funding options for those who want to make a difference but do not have the money to buy it? I heard the Eskom rebate programme has been stopped - is this true. If no, how does it work?

- What were the typical problems that you encountered when you were the Ombudsman of SESSA?

- Where can listeners get more information if they are interested in buying a solar geyser?
.... then all you have to do is click play below and listen to our show.

Thought for the day
"The Road less Traveled"

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