Tuesday, May 14, 2013

WakaWaka ... This light for Africa ... Maurits Groen

1.5 billion people around the world - a quarter of humanity - have no access to electricity, and hundreds of millions more face regular blackouts. The effects of this energy poverty are enormous. Lacking power and light severely reduces the quality of life. Kerosene lamps are widely used for lighting, yet they are very inefficient, dangerous and expensive, and have extensive health and environmental drawbacks


Maurits Groen, Anthony Droppert and Camille van Gestel

In Haarlem, close to Amsterdam,  we chatted about sharing the sun. Maurits Groen, Anthony Droppert and Camille van Gestel spoke to me about sustainable solutions for our planet ... the successful 'Buy one, give one' crowdfunding of the WakaWaka Power Light last January, has resulted in over 12.000 solar lights for Haitians living off-grid! We are taking hands ... this light for Africa ... waka waka... 

To listen to the interview, click play:

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