Thursday, May 9, 2013

A silent show ... Karin Hougaard

left foot
no sound
right foot

no ground
looking down
on an alien sky
left foot no sound
right foot no ground
looking down on an alien sky

a silent show
screaming stars
dancing dust
a deceitful red moon ...
Encore to thoughtful words, beautiful music and a powerful performance by Karin Hougaard in her show Alien Sky. What a privilege to have had a personal and up close chat to Karin at the end of her visit to South Africa. We chatted about her recent Alien Sky shows, play some of her new songs, find out about her passion for the environment and look at what the future holds. An honour to partner with Karin on the iStart2 initiative.

Karin is a trendsetting, multi award-winning South African singer-songwriter. Since her debut as teen singing sensation in the 1980’s, she has released 10 groundbreaking albums and is included on various compilations. As actress Ms. Hougaard has performed in various stage plays in Europe and South Africa and appeared in innumerable television programs and talk shows. Over and above her music and acting career - Karin has had various one-woman art shows featuring her paintings and graphic works. She has published a book of Afrikaans poetry and her writing is included in an anthology of short stories by critically acclaimed South African authors.

To listen to a podcast of the interview just click "play" below:

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