Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Save me ... Muneera Salie

Do you want to save energy and electricity costs? Have you installed a solar geyser at your home? Is it affordable?  Do you know about Eskom's rebate programme? Why are banks not helping? Is it time for a green bank? Do you think enough is being done to help consumers and government to achieve the goal to install 1 million solar geysers by March 2015?

Muneera Salie, an energy and research analyst at Frost & Sullivan, is quoted in the Business Day saying:" Something needs to be done to stimulate the demand side of the market in order for substantial growth to occur." Business Day states that the poor uptake of solar geysers was due to the initial outlay, which made it unaffordable to most people.

We chatted to Muneera, a chemical engineer, about the findings of her research report, on the iStart2 show. Eskom yesterday vowed to keep the lights on at all costs. Maybe it is time to help ourselves to save costs and do our bit to keep our own lights on.

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