Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Find me in the Kitchen at Parties ... Laughing Chefs & Lötter de Jager

Lötter de Jager is a painter. He paints because he loves it, only painting what he sees as beautiful, and his work is his interpretation of such beauty. He does not aim to convey a message, but rather to tell a story. It is his intent that people who view his work experience a deep emotion, whether it be happiness or sadness, love or anger, light or dark! He will be exhibiting his work on 25 April at the iStart2 Hub.

Laughing Chefs realises the responsibility that they have not only towards our community and our planet, but also towards the next generations. They support the principles of sustainability, and aim to apply them at every event they create. This includes minimising waste, energy usage and emissions, conserving water and including the local community. Furthermore, they make use of fresh, seasonal and ethical products, from reputable and responsible suppliers. They hope that the care they take to conserve our planet, our future and our children’s future will be tangible in all they do!

We are giving away two tickets to Karin Hougaard's show - Alien Sky - on 3 May in the Atterbury Theatre. Just listen to our show (on podcast below), email your reply to pierre@istart2.com and stand a chance to be a lucky winner at our draw on 25 April. Book tickets early at computicket if you don't want to miss this beautiful performance by Karin Hougaard.

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