Tuesday, January 15, 2013

To Be or not to Be ... Nigel Crawhall

Honoured to have Dr Nigel Crawhall on the iStart2 Show. A man of many wisdoms ... an activist ... a man that moves around all over the world to make change happen.

Nigel with Indigenous People from around the world

Nigel is the Buddhist delegate to the Western Cape Religious Leaders Council, Director of Secretariat of the Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee and Chairperson of the IUCN Strategic Direction / Theme on Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities, Equity and Protected Areas. 

Nigel with Yvonne at the iStart2 launch in partnership 
with the We have Faith Campaign @ COP17

We chat to Nigel about COP18. He shares his experiences in Doha and the issues the UN members are grappling with. We also focus on inter-religious dialogue on climate change, the iStart2 initiative and the wisdom of Indigenous People.

Desertrose (Yusuf and Lynne) and Karin Hougaard's music make a full exciting show! To listen just click "play"

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