Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Sustainable New Year ... 2013

Art is the great messenger. We draw inspiration from it ... it interconnects us ... we laugh with it ... we learn to forgive through it ... and it gives us hope.

Creating a sustainable world is the biggest challenge we face in the future. It is important to protect our world for future generations. It is also critical to save water, energy and deal with waste differently. In understanding what can be done we invited a broad spectrum of people - artists, musicians, comedians, cartoonists, writers, business people, media people and community leaders from the South African society, to talk to us on the iStart2 Radio Show.

In our New Year Show we share the views, commitments and ideas of 16 warriors
- Pops Mohamed ( Musician )

- JP du Toit ( Writer & Entrepreneur )
- Mark Sampson ( Comedian )
- Mokokoma Mokhonoana ( Satirist )
- Prof Mervyn King ( Business Leader)

- Karin Hougaard ( Artist )
- Ma Malindy Myeza ( Community Leader)
- Sietse van der Woude ( Sustainability Expert)
- Somerfaan ( Musician)
- LadyRay ( Comedienne )
- Ismail Mahomed ( Arts Director)
- Nadiem Solomon ( Comedian)
- Ntsiki Mazwai ( Poet & Musician )
- Cian Mclelland ( Producer )
- Charles Leonard ( News Editor )
- PJ Powers ( Musician )
- Scott Cundill ( Activist )

  ... to create a more sustainable world. The journey will continue in 2013 with more shows and the launch of the iStart2 Challenge. Will you take hands with us? To listen to this powerpacked show, just press play

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Join me every Monday at 18h30 (SA Time) and listen to the show on Radio Today 1485 am in Jo'burg, catch us nationally on DSTV Audio Channel 169 or worldwide on www.1485.org.za. Radio Today. Radio that delivers! 

We look forward to free fall with you in 2013.