Thursday, November 29, 2012

Zindala Zombili 2012

The Zindala Zombili African Music and Dance Festival has announced the official programme for the upcoming multicultural festival to be held at Alex Stadium from 27th November to 2nd December 2012.

The vibrant and exciting showcase of indigenous culture is taking place in Alexandra to contribute to their centenary celebrations and acknowledge the history and diversity of South Africa’s first township.

Zindala Zombili will feature the best local music, dance and poetry talent drawn from provincial competitions held all over South Africa in 2011 and 2012. This is a dynamic and powerfulexpression of our shared heritage and an event you definitely want to attend.

Some of the other highlights include a rare performance by the renowned Umkhonto ka-Shaka band and the Venancio Mbande Timbila Orchestra from Mozambique. Venancio, who heads up the group, is a recent winner of a prestigious UNESCO award for his work to conserve indigenous music in Mozambique. The programme also features an isiScatamiya competition with 10groups participating for cash prizes.

27th – 30th November 2012
* Schools workshops in Ubuntu and various styles of traditional music and dance. There are still a few spaces available…call to book.
* Skills programme in event management for leaders of youth and cultural organisations in Alex.

1st December 2012
10am to 5pm

* Curtain raisers from Alex featuring a drama about the history of Alex and traditional Zulu dance.
* Provincial winners in the following categories: KhoiSan, Abantwana, Setapa, Ummiso Nekutsamba, Dinaka, Mohobelo and Mzansi.
* The Venancio Mbande Orchestra from Mozambique.
* Umkhonto ka-Shaka

2nd December 2012
10am to 5pm

* Provincial winners in the following categories: Mamarutla, Khuthauza, Domba, Shameni, Mokgibo, Ingadla and Makgakgasa.
* isiScatamiya competition featuring 10 of the hottest groups from Gauteng and KZN.

iStart2 is proud to be associated with the Zindala Zombili Festival.
See you there!