Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bring back the humans ... Somerfaan

At Nel aka Somerfaan is described as a maverick South African electronic music visionary. 

Born before technology. Frustrated on the ‘plaas’ where he was born, because there was no radio-signal, thus, no music . . . the young Somerfaan was forced to create alternatives. He resorted to banging out beats (with plug-spanners) on any found farm implement whilst singing out loud to the rhythmic cacophonies.

In this period, it was widely rumoured that one day, while working in the mielie fields, he was abducted by aliens for an undisclosed period.

 Somerfaan in the Radio Today studio
with Amanda and Pierre

We chat to Somerfaan about his music, his sustainability initiatives, the abduction and his music career. He is passionate about making a difference and give some ideas we can follow to creating a sustainable world. We also listen to some of his earlier music, Morning is Broken featuring Chris Chameleon and two of the songs from his latest cd, Laaste Somer: Bring back the Humans (beautifully sung by Jane Rademeyer) and Don't worry I got you (with his good friend Cito) 

At believes "charity starts at home - save water, save energy and be good to the people working for you". Words of wisdom from one of our most passionate iStart2 Ambassadors

Somerfaan with Lizette Brand at the 
iStart2 launch in Durban

Great show with a great, unique and authentic artist! To listen to the podcast of the show, just click play.

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