Friday, March 10, 2017

Tribal Echo ... Frazer Barry

"I love people," says Frazer Barry, musician and frontman of Tribal Echo, on the iStart2 Show this week. "I just want everybody to love one another. We breathe the same air, we eat from the same soil. We are different tribes, but it is my heartbeat."

"We've got so much to learn from one another and so much to give to each other. I challenge my African brothers, my coloured brothers and my white brothers on how we hang together. I know how it looks in a typical white neighborhood. You don't know how it looks in my town. Come visit me. We must make a conscious effort to embrace the unknown. You must get out of your small world."

Frazer is adamant that more muso's and artists must come together to embrace one another's culture. "We've been quiet for much too long. We must sing out, paint out and write out! I believe every South African can wave a white flag. There's different ways to getting this country to prosper again." 

The captivating lyrics of Tribal Echo's music will make you laugh, smile, cry and give you food for thought. Tribal Echo's Eclectic Roots Rock is a fresh new sound on the South African music scene, but  closely related to the indigenous sound of their (Western Cape) culture and the stories of the Western Cape people.

Listen to the full interview with Frazer Barry - aka "die Rymklets Troebadoer"

Frazer Barry with iStart2 Ambassador, Pops Mohamed. We feel a collaboration in the air!

#Woordfees gigs oppie spyskaart in Stellenbosch:
Saterdag 11 Maart
13h00 - #DieRymkletsTroebadoer, Bloekomhoek
20h30 - Tribal Echo by Amazink

Maak soes djy wiet!

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